• We Meet

    Written more-or-less in one burst during the last moments of Sunday, 17th April, 2011.

    She and me hidden in a cubicle
    still fully-dressed.
    She kneels, I raise her by her chin admonishing
    'Just what do you think you are doing?'
    turn her around and reach into her
    jeans, and lower them and kneel

  • The Sound of a Bus Stop Sign

    Approaching the stop, we get up
    And lurch to the front of the bus.
     Alighting, we part,
     I wave through the dark,
    And cannon the pole with a clang!

  • Honesty, Respect and Trust

    Composition begun in the afternoon of Thursday, 18th December, 2008, and completed, after many revisions, just over two weeks later during the evening of Friday, 2nd January, 2009, while listening to Sibelius' Symphony No. 1.
    With Honesty we find ourselves
    in clarity of mind and thought,
    enabled so to share our heart
    entire, complete and truthfully.

    Respect ensures we think and meet
    in open, fair equality,
    not undermine nor idolise,
    just celebrate our qualities.

    And last, with Trust we are as safe
    in each other's hands as we are
    in our own, without need to shy
    away from anything at all.

    These qualities combined amount
    in varying degrees to form
    the seedlings of relationships:
    with Honesty, Respect and Trust, we Love.

  • Strolling Home at Night

    Composed sporadically over a number of months, after the initial inspiration came while walking home from Hazel Grove Railway Station one very rainy and windy night, during which the first stanza was begat.

    Completed in the early hours (3:00) of Friday, 17th October, 2008.

    (Revised 12 hours later, and again on 22nd March, 2010)

    There's something quite calmly hypnotic about
    This lamp-lit pavement shining gold
    As I walk along it in the rain
    And wind and dark

    This glowing plane of golden stars
    Afloat amidst a sea of space
    With planetary soakened leaves
    And pools in bends of space and time

    Which recedes beneath me as I move
    Like a magic carpet under me
    Never stopping short to hurl me off
    Merely gliding under as a gust

    Of wind propels
    Me on

  • 'I wonder if, that day those years ago'

    Composed between the 23rd-29th September 2008, after reading Great Expectations, Volume I, Chapter IX
    I wonder if, that day those years ago,
    A sudden storm had burst upon the town,
    Or 'deadly' poorliness had struck me down,
    Preventing me from leaving my abode.

    But, no, alas! that storm or poorliness
    Was not to come, and out I went to catch
    A bus as every other day; and half
    An hour later I was walking, when,

    Approaching college round the back, it came:
    A wave of misery and dread did rush
    Upon my person, purge the breath of life
    Right out of me; and happiness was gone.

    Would it simply have struck another day,
    Or may I now be blessed a different way?

  • Box

    It tells me how I ought to be, or rather not,

    With voiceless words, nor writ, allowing no response.

    It locks the throat and blinds the eye and deafs the ear

    With throbbing light, incessant sound and iron grip.

    It's hardly large enough to hold a beating heart,

    Yet here am I, in my entirety, in it.

  • 'He sailed away and I was left alone'

    He sailed away and I was left alone
    To suffer and to think of him by night.
    By day as well I was disposed to moan,
    'My Love, why did you have to go and fight?'

    'For fighter you are not, my Love, you hear?
    Your heart is much too delicate for that.
    Come, sit and play your music for me here,
    This view! how could you go, forsaking that?'

    'That deep horizon beckons me, my darling.
    It pulls me on and on across the sea
    To where I can be questing, not be idling.
    Alyria is where I need to be.'

    Thus here I am to see my Love again,
    To see if what we had does still remain.


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